Does the wireless charger hurt the phone?

2 in 1 Wireless Car Charger

Depending on how you define the damage to the mobile phone, the cycle life of the lithium battery of the mobile phone is limited. Therefore, whether it is wireless charging or wired charging, this loss is inevitable. At present, there are three main types of wireless charging: electromagnetic induction, magnetic field resonance, and radio waves. […]

Lengthy array wireless charging is coming, are you ready for it? Are you prepared?

Today’s so-called wireless charging is still “wired” as well as individuals still need to put their phones on a wireless billing pad in order to bill them, which doesn’t truly make cordless billing a truth. Long-range wireless charging is similar to Wi-Fi in that it makes use of electrical waves or infrared light to develop […]

What is a PPS 25W PD Charger?

PD-25W charger

In August 2019, Samsung released the note10 series of flagship phones, divided into two versions, note10 and note10+. There are also two parameters in terms of charging performance. Note10 supports 25W accelerated charging, and note10+ supports 45W accelerated charging. Samsung is finally charging at high power. Keep up with the pace of the market. PPS […]

Launched 20W PD fast charge, specially prepared for iPhone12

PD30W Wall Charger

According to online information, the new Apple iPhone 12 series will no longer come with a charger. Apple’s new 20W charger has passed CCC certification, and iPhone 12 is also very likely to support a more efficient alternative pump charging technology. By then, 20W fast charge chargers will become a new market growth point. In […]